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Our Responsibility Beyond Coaching

“Coach Kim Kyu-bong and team captain Jang Yun-jung have been handed life bans by the Korea Triathlon Federation (KTF) after team-mate Choi Suk-hyeon took her own life.” As coaches and key influencers it is important that we demonstrate appropriate behavior, values and set an example for not only our athletes, but humanity. Our decisions and actions create a ripple effect that, for the majority of time, we are totally unaware of. We hold a high level of power in our ability, whether you are aware of it or not, to influence the behaviors and actions of others.

Rockstar Of Efficiency

Rockstar Of Efficiency

Have you ever noticed that highly successful people, in general – as there are some crazy outliers, seem to have it all together? They remain calm under pressure, are great at juggling a hundred balls at once, manage a cohesive team, time is effortless and success seems to follow them like a magnet.

It’s Your Story!

It’s Your Story! The people who stand out from the crowd and change the world we know, are remembered most for breaking the rules. There are those who break rules for evil and there are those who break the rules for good. Obviously, you want to be on the side who breaks the rules that change the way we think, act, live and move for the better.

COACH LONELINESS World Sport Coach Craig Johns


COACH loneliness is a real problem affecting the sport industry. Have you ever felt lonely, isolated and there is no one you can speak to, as a coach? Well, you are not alone! COACH loneliness does hinder your job performance and productivity. As a COACH you have a high level of responsibility, pressure to deliver results, expectation to remain calm, relentless rigour to turn up and an increasing level of confidentiality. Has COACH loneliness invaded your life?

Craig Johns High Performance Leadership Beyond The Comfort Zone


A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there. Successful people have the unique ability to perform under high levels of pressure. Pressure comes from internal and external expectations, and as the stakes rise, fear grows. Being able to deal with fear and the uncomfortable feelings that are associated, you have to be better prepared to control your state of mind. Why do we feel uncomfortable?



It doesn’t matter what industry, the high performers are far more effective at cultivating more powerful traits. We touch on eight highly effective traits that unleash their potential and rise above the rest. High performers look to consolidate and improve the efficiency by focusing on the increasing the ‘outputs that matter’. They reduce products, services and other outputs that don’t matter and focus on making the main thing, the main thing.

Article Are you Seeing The Big Picture

Are You Seeing The Big Picture?

Do you know what helps you navigate the clutter, complexity and commotion on a daily basis that allows you to take a birds eye view and see the big picture?

6 Trends That Could Change The World World Sport Coach Craig Johns


Six trends that could change the world. When I am out riding, I love to challenge my mind to work out what the world will be like in the future. Here are my six trend predictions that are already in their early stages or I feel will become part of the way we consume, relax, challenge our bodies, belong, use our time and play sport.

Nelson Mandela Craig Johns World Sport Coach Are Leaders Born?


Are leaders born? Nature (our DNA) and nurture (environmental influences) both need to be taken into consideration when trying to understand how a leader is formed. The way I like to look at whether leaders are Born or Made, is by looking at leadership capability through the concept of a bell-curve.

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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LEADERS DON’T CONTROL THEIR CULTURE? Your role as a leader is also to be one step ahead of your team and ensure that you prevent a culture and environment that spirals out of control. Catastrophes and scandals can, most of the time, be prevented by developing a cultural environment that cultivates growth, harmony, team work, prosperity and enjoyment.

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You cannot take a backward step or watch from the back of the bus. Firstly, you will only ever see the back of your competitors and secondly, you will be too late to correct the wheel when the bus overshoots the bend. If you are a leader, then you need to be a step ahead of the game when it comes to the future and having a winning culture.

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Trademark Yourself

Trademark Yourself. Do you know who you are and what your identity is? What follows is not only practical to sports coaches, but also to managers & leaders. It is common for coaches to launch into coaching as a profession, with a world of passion and emotion, and fall into the trap of coaching everyone, no matter what age, ability, desire and characteristics. Coaches are like kids in a candy store without any boundaries, and before they know it they have consumed too much and are barely able to tread water, let alone have enough energy to lift the weight off their shoulders.

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I Make No Apologies This is Me!

I Make No Apologies This is Me! You may notice that the worlds geniuses, gifted people and creative artists are different. They have unique characteristics that seem quirky, a bit weird and don’t quite fit into the normal way of life. So why are they somewhat social misfits, renegades and a real challenge to deeply connect with?

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Complexity is Your Enemy

Complexity is Your Enemy. Why do we fall down the trap of thinking and making things more complex than they should be? Simplification is Sophistication. Do you find it easy to make something difficult, but a challenge to make it simple? The simpler you make something the more sophisticated it becomes.