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World Sport Coach provides Breaking The COACH Code wellbeing and performance workshops and seminars for sport coaches and high performance staff of International and National Sport Organizations, Professional Teams and Sport Clubs.

Breaking The COACH Code workshops and seminars provide sport coach and high performance staff the knowledge, tools and strategies in wellbeing and performance to transform from being a coach of high performance into being a high performing coach.

Speaker Craig Johns World Sport Coach Mission Aim Vision Values DNA Craig Johns About World Endurance coaching Business Summit


Craig Johns, also known as the active CEO and Chief Energy Officer, is an entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking international speaker, who focuses on transforming influencers into being high performing leaders.

Craig focuses on human performance, productivity, leadership and team culture for Coaches and High Performance Staff.

A relentlessly curious speaker, Craig has a unique obsession with human behaviour and performance. He is able to present both keynotes and breakout sessions for audiences of all sizes.

Breaking The COACH Code


It can be very lonely at the top. Coaches are constantly under pressure to deliver outcomes and results with their athletes and teams. They fall into the trap of working harder and thinking that more is better, when in most cases less is more. Craig learnt first hand the negative consequences of setting a culture of more, rather than facilitating a high performance environment.

Your team or athletes are directly affected by the energy, stress, mood and focus you arrive with every single day. When coaches do not proactively plan or manage their energy and stress over time, it leads to a catastrophic effect on the performance and productivity of themself, their athletes, and their relationships. There is a solution!

In this game-changing session you will learn:

  1. 3 P’s of the Coach Leadership Performance Formula
  2. 4 fundamentals to being a high performing coach
  3. The secrets to sustainable energy and coach leadership performance
  4. COACH Periodization, COACH Presence and COACH Performance.



The world is constantly challenging us through disruption, competing priorities and competition for our attention, therefore we must take control of our own story and influence. How much of your life do you really own and take full responsibility for?

You are the sum total of your decisions. You own the choices that you make. To enable the shift you need it starts with creating your own world inspired through a process of performance by design. OWN 8 teaches you eight ways for you to own your own influence and enhance your performance. In the future employers and decision makers will be recruiting coaches who own their own space, movement and story. Are you in the arena?

In this session you will learn:

  1. 8 high performance habits to own your OWN INFLUENCE
  2. How to be you OWN CEO and create your OWN MBA
  3. Why the OWN 8 success formula places you front and centre with key decision makers